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Real Ale, Real Food, Real Pub

The tantalising aroma of freshly prepared hot food and the sound of friendly banter emanating from its terraced beer garden are certain to be the first signs that greet you when you visit Inverness City’s well know tavern by the Castle.

This is a favourite haunt for discerning visitors and locals who appreciate a well run hostelry. Along with the serving of fine food and drink, the tavern is characterised by an essential aspect that some establishments the world over can often lack – atmosphere.

The Castle Tavern has a tangible, heartening, social buzz, which is more than stimulated by the friendly disposition of its staff. Testament to the fact that is its continued success as an award winning establishment, recognised bsy the CAMRA Real Ale Guide.

Positioned opposite the Castle entrance, The Castle Tavern is ideally situated for convenient access to the city centre, literally minutes away, as well as being an ideal meeting place for events such as The Inverness Tattoo or The Highland Games. For that matter, its also the ideal place to end your evening too. Highly commended!

Press Release
Highland Life Magazine – January 2013